Customer Testimonials

Betty W.

We were very pleased with Kemco in all aspects! The technician arrived on time, did in a friendly, efficient and professional service. Thanks so much.

Andrew A.

The over all experience was as usual excellent. I was very pleased and thank you for your service.

Joseph F.

Chris did a great job of explaining what was done and did a neat job. He indicated he had to order a part to complete the heat exchanger job and would be back as soon as the part was received. He indicated he would keep us updated on the visit to complete the job. Well done.

Bills Pizza Pub

Special thanks to Ronnie Taylor for setting things up to get us taken care of! The technicians that were sent to our location were the BEST and I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much for taking care of us.

William B.

Technician was very thorough and professional.

James K.

Fantastic service, super nice and personable, and we trust and appreciate this company very much!

Mitchell F.

I was very impressed and I will call you again. The tech was a nice and clean cut young man. He was knowledgeable and courteous. I appreciate that.  "Generator Service Call to Kemco"  

Mary Ann B.


Gary W.

Richard is always a pleasure! Ronnie is super courteous when we call to schedule our routine maintenance. Suggestion - Kemco should also offer "plumbing". It is great to work with one company for your household needs. Thank you.

Jason R.

Tech arrived about 1.5 hours BEFORE promised time. Was pleased.

Thersea B.

I am new to the area. I felt like I received excellent service and am now a new customer of yours. Thank you for your help!

Mary S.

Brian was excellent, courteous, professional ,knowledgeable, thorough, knows his stuff!

Nancy C.

Hi Thank you so much too bad I didn't know about you 10 yrs ago I never had service like kemco does for ac unit

Carol B.

Very satisfied with service and serviceman.

Bryan C.

Technician was very professional and diligently worked until the task was completed. I very much appreciated his help.

Arlene M.

Was very well pleased with the promptness and the work that was done!

Laura L.

I am extremely pleased with the service I received today 8-1-18 from Kemco. Ronnie did an awesome job getting a technician to my house same day, within hours when I was desperate to get my A/C working. Ronnie also did an excellent job finding the part needed so my A/C unit could be repaired same day. The technician Chris, did a great job locating the problem, getting the needed part right away and installed it all in an efficient manor  to get my A/C working within hours of arriving. The time it took to diagnose the problem and get the problem fixed was exceptional. I am so very thankful for Ronnie and Chris making sure my A/C was working same day. I do and will continue to highly recommend Kemco to everyone I know. On a scale of 1 (not good) to 10 (outstanding)  I give Kemco and the quality service I received, time everything took, as well as each person involved in my service, 10's in all areas! Thank you all so very much for your care, concern, quality work and reliable service. I appreciate you.

Quillon L.

Very pleased with the service the technician has provided.

Ed P.

Always a quick response with quality service.

Tom M.

I have used KEMCO exclusively for many years and never been disappointed. Quick to respond even on weekends! I highly recommend them all heating and air conditioning needs.

Mark W.

Most excellent experience. This company really has it together.

Lisa Y.

Such a nice young man. He took the time to explain to me what had happened and the different services that Kemco offers Such a good experience. Will recommend to everyone.

David W.

Spence was terrific!

Dedric E.

Great job!!!

Brittany A.

I really appreciate Kemco servicing my emergency AC needs in a timely manner. I know the season is causing back-ups and no other company was able to provide same day service. Will be using Kemco for my future needs!

Lisa Y.

That technician was so nice and professional. I felt sorry for him because it was so hot. I need more work done but so far I would recommend Kemco to all my family and friends. Keep up the good work.

John R.

Very happy with the service, as always!

Don S.

Great company!

Jamie D.

Chris did a great job and I appreciate his attitude and thoroughness; I apologize I could not answer question #3 appropriately as I did not understand what is meant by the technician's "matter."  His appearance was fine, his behavior was appropriate and his technical skills in servicing the unit were very good...I was pleased with his work and information provided.

Vicki V.

Marco came in at 7:30pm on a 90 degree day... he was smiling, courteous, and efficient. We did not talk about much except what the squirrels had done to my house, the repairs, and that it was late and that we were his last call. Thank you so much for going the extra mile for your customers!

Beverly E.

I plan to use Kemco twice a year to check out my a/c.

Patricia R.

Very well trained and explained everything in layman's terms. I will recommend because it was a pleasure to have a company that will work with you and I will be a repeat customer. Thanks!

Frank L.

Chris was awesome and professional.

William, B

The best customer service for in-home service!!  The customer service is superb from the office to the field.

Arthur, C

Great service!

William B.

Cindy and Ronnie always give great attention and customer service. Tim the technician AWESOME. He comes with the attitude I'm going to get your problem resolved. He explains everything thoroughly and with a positive attitude of GREAT SERVICE to the customer!

Kelly J.

Our technician was perfect. our HVAC system started working before he arrived but he still looked it over and showed us things that needed "maintenance". He suggested a yearly maintenance upkeep. He was very professional and very friendly. By far the best we have had since moving to NC in June of 2016. Way to go Kemco. We will come back year after year. I even called during a "winter weather advisory" and they were able to see me (a new customer) within hours. AMAZING service.

Frank H.

I want to say how happy I am with Kemco and the Tech that came to help us. There was 6 in of snow on the ground and not the best time for a heat pump to go out. Service was extremely fast and affordable considering the timing of the issue. Thanks again!!

Trish L.

I am very pleased with the service I received today, 12.18.17.

John R.

Very happy with the service, as always! Thanks for your good work.

Thersea H.

I love doing business with Kemco. Everyone is so very professional. Thank you Kemco!

Matt Clemente

Your customer service and techs are second to none! Thanks all for the great service

Maddie R.

Exceptional Service!  I have been blown away by the service we have received multiple times at my store Zumiez located in Durham at Streets of Southpoint. I went so far as to request you guys when my company sets up an electrician to fix our future electrical needs! Keep up the awesome work! You guys have a customer for life!

James K.

Chris and Spencer were excellent! They were very friendly, professional, and I was very pleased with their service! I had planned on calling in and purchasing the service plan that Chris sold me on, but I was contacted by Ronnie from the office, who was excellent as well! So, after Ronnie explained more details to me on the service plan, I accepted it over the phone. He was very courteous, professional, and really offered exceptional customer service! Thanks Chris, Spencer, and Ronnie! I will recommend this company without hesitation. I look forward to continuing my service with Kemco. Thank you so much! Could not be more satisfied!

Terry R.

Just wanted to say Shane and Spence could not have been more courteous and professional! I had planned on getting another quote due to the fast response and treatment I received I decided to stick with Kemco. I know a lot of people locally as I have lived here all of my life and will definitely pass on the service I received. Also, I would like Dennis to know I am impressed with his company. Thanks!

Tina S.

I prescient the quick reply by email followed up with a phone call. The technician came out the very same day. He answered all my questions, provided a lot of good information, and was able to fix the problem. I would definitely recommend Kemco and use your company in the future if needed. Best Regards.

Annie M.

My technician was prompt, completed his assignment, was very cordial and explained what he had done for the maintenance checkup which I had signed up last year. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is interested in excellent service. Also, my unit is quieter and working very efficient.

Thank you note for Kemco’s scholarship at ACC for the HVAC program