State-Of-The-Art Control Systems

If you are responsible for a building HVAC system, you are primarily concerned with direct digital control (DDC) for HVAC. However, the DDC system that controls HVAC may also control many other building systems. The trend in DDC is toward total automation of all building energized systems. In addition to controlling the HVAC system, one central computer often controls scheduling, data gathering, monitoring, and identifying trouble spots for all building functions such as:

  • Life safety
  • Fire protection
  • Security
  • Energy management
  • Lighting schedules
  • Equipment monitoring & maintenance

Complete DDC Control System

With a complete building DDC control system, a technician can manage all building functions from one workstation. On-off schedules for lighting and equipment can be set, daily schedules can be altered, and input data can be obtained. The computer may be able to analyze trends and automatically change set points for many systems and conditions.

Control System Pictures

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