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July 8, 2018
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August 6, 2018

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Kemco of Burlington has many positive reviews on Home Advisor, below are just a few 5-star reviews from Home Advisor. Contact Kemco of Burlington 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (336) 584-1166 to speak with one of our professional staff.
Much cheaper than expected, communicative, speedy, friendly, knowledgeable, reassuring. Quick and quality work for a more than fair price. My only reservation was that a different electrician arrived to undertake the work than gave us the quote... would've been nice to let us know.
We are living out of state and this work was done on an empty condo on the market, so it was imperative that we have someone we could count on to do the work quickly, correctly and efficiently. We spoke to the Kemco office by phone and the receptionist was very helpful. An estimate was done within a couple days, the work was scheduled for a few days later and the work was completed on time and within a week of our original contact. Thank you, Kemco!
This company was 15 minutes early. They were very polite and knew exactly what they were doing. I will tell everyone I know about their service. Anthony was the man who came out. He even showed us things about our wiring that we had no idea about. Thanks to Anthony and Kemco for all their help and we look forward to doing work with them in the future.
I discovered that my townhouse was built in 1986 with a Federal Pacific Electric panel and FPE breakers, which are now known to present a latent fire hazard I had several estimates on replacing my 200 AMP service, but the Kemco folks gave me both the best price and were the most responsive to my needs. They went out to examine the box and wiring, rather than just giving a telephone estimate and answered my questions thoroughly. Most importantly, they were very responsive to my time constraints and worked on short notice to replace the service. They have a great work ethic and are very professional. I'm delighted!
Kemco quoted me a very fair price estimate to fix my TV, assuming that it was a simple problem. Unfortunately, they were not able to identify the cause of the problem with my TV. Thus, they could not fix the problem. This was disappointing, but they did not charge me anything for the job. Although I would like to have had my TV fixed, I appreciated that they treated me fairly and were honest with me.
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